You’ve heard of New York style and Detroit style pizza.

But how about Quad Cities style? Kendall visits QC Pizza in Mahtomedi to learn more about QC style… and she gets a lesson on their famous pickle pizza. 

QC Giant Pretzel - Frozen - Take & Bake

QC Giant Pretzel

Available while supplies last Handmade our delicious frozen giant pretzel is nearly 10″ x 10″. Easy to make just thaw, bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes in any conventional oven, air fryer, and even the grill. Your purchase includes a container of pretzel salt and cheese dipping sauce.

Having a party try our Frozen Dill + Toothpicks instant appetizer! Minnesota Sushi

QC Holiday Party Ideas

Minnesota Original - Kinda Big Dill Pizza

Pickle Pizza at QC Pizza