You’ve heard of New York style and Detroit style pizza.

But how about Quad Cities style? Kendall visits QC Pizza in Mahtomedi to learn more about QC style… and she gets a lesson on their famous pickle pizza. 

Minnesota Original - Kinda Big Dill Pizza
Pickle Pizza Is Kind of a Big Dill Right Now

Pickle Pizza Is Kind of a Big Dill Right Now


Says The buzz continues over our Kinda Big Dill.



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Kind Big Dill Pizza Cheese Pull | QC Pizza Mahtomedi MN.

KARE in the Kitchen: The Big Dill!

Pickle Pizza… really? A slice known as ‘The Big Dill’ has gone viral, and it’s made right here in Minnesota. Alicia Lewis heard about this new sensation, and headed over theQC Pizza in Mahtomedi to check it out.