The New QC Cheeseburger Pizza

We have had a lot of input from our customers on social media about different specialty pizzas they would like for us to create. One of the top answers was a cheeseburger style pizza. We went to work and have finally created the perfect QC Cheeseburger pizza that is downright delicious! Available now at our Mahtomedi QC Pizza location. Available for a limited time get yours today!
The QC Cheeseburger Pizza is crafted on our signature QC style crust. We spread a savory cheddar cheese sauce base, seasoned burger, onions, pickles, sharp cheddar cheese, mozzarella. Some of the images below show our jalapeno ranch dressing on the cheeseburger pizza as an added option.

QC Pizza Mahtomedi MN.

3150 Century Ave N Mahtomedi, MN 55115
Phone: (651)777-1200