New Online Ordering & Delivery Options

Moving forward, to better serve our customers we are expanding our delivery service capabilities by partnering directly with Grubhub+ and Doordash for all QC Pizza delivery services. Doordash delivery is only available using our new online order system. More delivery providers like Uber and Postmates may become available in the future. Grubhub+ delivery is available on the Grubhub app, QC Pizza Gurbhub menu, and our website using the “Order for Delivery” button.

We are excited!

Why you ask are we excited about this new ordering system and delivery options? For one we have been working hard on putting together a system that can streamline some of the process of online orders, giving us more time to focus on making you’re pizza AWESOME! With Grubhub you can treat yourself to a year of free Grubhub+, including unlimited $0 delivery fees with your Amazon Prime membership.


For Doordash delivery just use our “ORDER PICK-UP/DELIVERY” button to connect to our new QC Pizza house menu. Select either pick-up or the delivery option, place your order and enjoy! The Doordash delivery fee is $5.99 for with 5 miles of QC Pizza +$1 for each additional mile. Currently we cover $3.00 of the delivery fee on your order and will cover the whole delivery fee on orders over $80.

What about specials?

In the past we have not been able to offer special discounts on delivery platforms, we now can!

Why can I still connect to the old house menu?

We are moving this process over slowly while keeping our customers informed. Our current online order house menu will slowly be phased out over the coming days as well continue to fine tune the new QC Pizza house menu online ordering system.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make this transition. We are excited to offer you these new delivery options and to continue to provide you with the best possible pizza experience.

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