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Coming Soon!

Since the day we launched the Kinda Big Dill Pizza customers from outside our area in Mahtomedi MN asked if we would ship a Big Dill. The time is drawing near that we can! Here is a preview of a cooked frozen Big Dill Pizza!

The Jalapeño Popper Pizza

The Jalapeño Popper Pizza will be available but only in 12 inch. This inspired creation is our QC style crust smoothered with cream cheese sauce, chunks of real bacon, mild jalapenos, our house mozzarella cheese, then lightly drizzled with fresh raspberry sauce. Slightly spicy and sweet go together so well. The perfect Jalapeño Popper Pizza!

Pickle Pizza Is Kind of a Big Dill Right Now

Pickle Pizza Is Kind of a Big Dill Right Now   Says thekitchn.com The buzz continues over our Kinda Big Dill.


Today was a special day had a chance to spend sometime with a amazing young person that has beat cancer and is giving back to others take some time and read his story!

KARE in the Kitchen: The Big Dill!

Pickle Pizza… really? A slice known as ‘The Big Dill’ has gone viral, and it’s made right here in Minnesota. Alicia Lewis heard about this new sensation, and headed over theQC Pizza in Mahtomedi to check it out.

This Pizza Spot Covers Its Pies With 2 Layers Of Dill Pickles

CAITLYN FITZPATRICK | delish JUN 24, 2019 Prepare for your mind to be blown, because your two favorite foods have come together to create the ultimate bite. QC Pizza in Mahtomedi, Minnesota has a Kinda Big Dill pizza on its menu, and the cheesy pie is covered in dill pickles… read the article