QC Pizza Mahtomedi, MN

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Outstanding pizza; owner operated. Very small so take-out is best option. Crust is unique and delicious.

Kay G. Saint Paul, MN - 5 star8/27/2018Yelp

New. Favorite. Pizza! Holy christ this place rocks. My wife had it and said I should try, so I just came home with the meat pizza. I mean literally there is an inch of meat on this thing and it doesn’t taste like cheap, chain pizza offal. It’s good. The cheese is good and the seasoning makes it even better. I got a 12 inch, and I think it would take 3 people to eat it… if they were hungry. GREAT taste, service was good, and, well, the MEAT! We will be back again as soon as possible to try the rest of the menu!

Matt Sandgren - 5 star9/08/2018Google Reviews

You are our new favorite pizza place. We had the taco pizza and it was delicious. Very generous meat and toppings.

Sheila Kath recommends QC PizzaAugust 27 at 7:10 PM Facebook Reviews

Once again the most amazing pizza! I dream about this pizza… Best crust hands down I’ve ever had. If you haven’t tried QC yet, your really missing out. Worth a drive if your looking for something new. You wont find this anywhere else! Thank you QC for always coming through for my pizza craving !

Valerie S. Lakeland, MN - 5 star8/27/2018Yelp

I had my doubts at first since the original Harris is so good. Q.C. At least hit that mark, and I would say even surpassed the mark. I like this crust and sauce more. Although Harris still has a better sausage it’s not better by much. This is just a really good pizza, nothing really stands because the whole pizza is good.

Brandon Flesher - 5 star9/04/2018Google Reviews

Had their pizza for the first time last night and absolutely loved it!!! We had the Hawaiian, and, let me tell you, the Canadian bacon was insanely delicious with an unbelievable smokey flavor. All the ingredients and house made pizza sauce were on point. One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. No lie. Go!

Justin Culley reviewed QC Pizza — 5 starJuly 27 Facebook Reviews

Delicious! We had 3 of the pizzas and they were all awesome! Lots of toppings, very tasty! Also had some leftovers for the next day. I’m looking forward to being a frequent customer.

James Q. Minneapolis, MN - 5 star8/12/2018Yelp

FINALLY!!! Married a QC native, and since being introduced to this style of pizza (40 years and counting), I satisfied my QC pizza fix only 1-2 times per year when visiting her relatives. Being a TC native, I wondered why a pizza joint in the TC would not adopt the special crust and sausage distribution that is found in QC style pizza’s. This is as good, if not better, than the best ones found in the QC area. 5 stars for this QC style pizza.

G Lewy - 5 star9/06/2018Google Reviews

Excellent pizza! I’d highly recommend checking it out. Huge portions and delicious. We got two 16-inch pizzas for a family of four and took well over half home. We will be returning. My only suggestion would be to have refills on soda and water.
Excellent service · Casual · Good value · Large portions · Great food · Friendly staff

Cassie Rowley recommends QC PizzaAugust 27 at 7:10 PM Facebook Reviews

Yum! Couldn’t stop saying Yum!

Connie Kestler reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starAugust 28 at 3:30 PMFacebook Reviews

My third trip here and I’m never disappointed. This time I got the special Brat pizza. Please keep this one around as it was delicious. If your looking for a different kind of pizza experience check this place out. 2 thumbs up.

Jim B. Saint Paul, MN- 5 star8/10/2018 Yelp

Drove from the Quad Cities to Minnesota to see how this pizza was compared to original QC pizza. We were not disappointed, well woth the drive. Excellent pizza, great prices, very clean restaurant and friendly staff. The owner was sure to make sure we were happy with the food and experience. It deserves more than 5 stars but that is as many as can be rated. We highly recommend QC Pizza-Minnesota to anyone, you will not leave hungry or disappointed.

Jason Canfield - 5 star9/04/2018Google Reviews

For people in search of great quality pizza at an excellent value, this is the place for you. I have tried several types from QC Pizza and I have found the ingredients are high quality and product is delicious and consistent. Thank you for providing a wonderful pizza! I’ll be back soon.

Mo K5-starGoogle Reviews

Great new pizza place serving up Quad City style pies. Great food, excellent service and the friendliest staff. A must have! Loved it!!!

Jeremy Stickan reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJune 8 at 2:49 PMFacebook Reviews

The pizza and Yo-yo bread is amazing. You can tell that the owner really takes pride in his food (understandably!) and goes above and beyond to interact and have fun with his guests. I will definitely be coming here more

Caitlin Weiand5-starGoogle Reviews

My Goodness this was just like Quad Cities Famous Pizza love that they opened this up!

WeShee Shee reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJune 20 at 7:18 PMFacebook Reviews

A taste of home right here in Minnesota. We may not have to bring back Harris pizza anymore. Very close.

Lori Prebil5-starGoogle Reviews

QC pizza rocks and this comes from a NYC boy. It’s all about the crust and the sauce, and QC nails both!!!

Phillip Mogilevsky reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJuly 26 at 8:35 AM Facebook Reviews

At first I was skeptical to see a new pizza place pop up. I’m glad I went in. If you like pizza you MUST stop here. By far some of the better pizza I’ve had in a very long time. Definitely get what you pay for. Great flavors. I’ll be back!!

Chris Belflower reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJune 24 at 12:58 PMFacebook Reviews

It’s to describe how good this pizza is. The crust is amazing, both crispy and chewy. Sauce has good flavor and spice. I’m usually not a sausage fan, but the finer grind here has me hooked! It wasn’t greasy, chunky, or overbearing. Really a great pie looking forward to going back.

Steven DeSpiegelaere5-starGoogle Reviews

Toppings in every bite! Good ratio of crust to sauce to toppings to cheese. Crust was really good as well. Friendly service. Only downside is they don’t have fountain soda. You buy cans.

Tenille Neby reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJune 24 at 5:06 PMFacebook Reviews

You need to try the King. It’s like nothing you’ve ever had before in a pizza, unless of course you are from the Quad Cities. Enjoy! We can’t wait to go back for the famous taco.

Rita Rivard Groneberg reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJune 15 at 10:09 PMFacebook Reviews

Very Very Good! Definitely not a cookie cutter Pizza. Authentic and Tasty loved the crust . Not at all greasy and the sausage was premium! Covered the WHOLE pizza. Will be back again for sure

Janice Axt5-starGoogle Reviews

You haven’t had pizza like this, that’s for sure. The owner, Dennis, is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and you can tell he takes pride in his recipes. He even shows you the pizza before you take it home, to make sure it’s exactly what you wanted.

Sean Faris reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJune 29 at 5:16 PMFacebook Reviews

This is delicious pizza! The crust is amazing, crispy but chewy, sauce is great and has a slight kick to it. The owner is very nice and took time to explain what makes their style of pizza different. A little on the expensive side but worth it for the quality of their pizza. Will definitely be back soon.

Sean M.7/1/2018 Woodbury, MNYelp Reviews

Pizza was amazing!!! Me and my wife loved it. Eat it while it’s fresh out of the oven, the  taste will explode in your mouth. Small family own business, It’s worth the drive. Great portions, topping is on point, non greasy, excellent crust. Try the Diablos for a little sweet  heat!

Shy Lee reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJune 15 at 2:00 AMFacebook Reviews

Best Veggie Ever, Better than Savoys by a Milw

Reggie Vaxter5-star

This is the best pizza ive ever had in Minnesota! We had The king with an order of yo yo bread, The crust is airy and crisp on the bottom, piled high with toppings and super cheesy! You have to try them out! Friendly and fast service!

Valerie Stickan5-starGoogle Reviews

Definitely worth checking out. Small place with big pizzas. Tastes great and is filling. We ordered a medium and large for two adults and two kids and ending up getting 2.5 meals out of it.

Steve Anderson reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJune 12 at 4:05 PMFacebook Reviews

STOP! If you are in the White Bear Lake area, and you are ordering pizza … and you’re NOT ordering pizza from QC Pizza. Hang up the phone now!

This pizza is stellar. Amazing!

We’re not crust eaters, we’re crust leavers. But this crust … soft yet crisp. Pure heaven! We couldn’t get enough.

And the sauce! Who notices pizza sauce? It’s red. It’s something to hold the meat and cheese together… not so here, friend. This sauce has subtle, warm spices and I dare you to figure out what they are. We couldn’t.

We ordered a large Sour Pig pizza. And even though we couldn’t get enough … we’ll be eating this pizza tomorrow for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because it was HUGE!

Do yourself a favor … call this shop. I’m telling you, you won’t eat pizza from anywhere else after one visit. No. They don’t deliver. Don’t be a lazy S.O.B. Get in the car. Trust me, you will be glad you did. (And no, we are not related to the owner.)

Sally Ann W.7/3/2018 White Bear Lake, MNYelp Reviews

I only tried the yo-yo bread, but it was amazing. The owner goes above and beyond to take care of his customers. 10/10

Meera Dear5-starGoogle Reviews

The owner is amazing, stands behind his pizza and products he uses! The garbage pizza was amazing it was loaded with toppings and had to weigh at least 5 or more pounds. Will definitely be back!!

Monica Lannier-Brown reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJune 18 at 7:20 PMFacebook Reviews

This was my first time trying quad city style pizza, and I have to say it lived up to the hype! I had the sausage king – the crust was chewy, flavorful, and charred in an awesome way. The sauce had a tiny kick to it, but was very delicious and smooth. Lots of cheese, and TONS of finely ground sausage blanketing the crust made this one of the better pizzas I’ve had in the area. Be sure to stop by if you’re on that side of town, or make a special trip if you’re not – you won’t be disappointed!

Jerrod Kapaun5-starGoogle Reviews

Absolutely fantastic pizza. Do not miss the house made pork sausage, which goes so well with the flavorful crust and sauce. The herb marinated mushrooms are the perfect accompaniment to the sweet and clean tasting sausage. Great value for the price; a large will easily satisfy 6.

Connie Erin Kauppi reviewed QC Pizza - 5 starJune 24 at 12:57 PMFacebook Reviews

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