QC Pizza Specials

16″ Curd -A-Roni Cupped Pepperoni

Curd -A-Roni Cupped Pepperoni with Ellsworth Cheese Curds large on sale until Monday January 24th. Only $23 for a giant 16″!  QC Pizza Mahtomedi Only

Starts January 20th 2022. This offer is subject to change.

QC Pizza Curd-A-Roni Cupping Pepperoni Pizza

Taco Tuesdays are back at QC Pizza!

Join QC Pizza Mahtomedi on Tuesdays for $24 16″ QC Style Taco Pizza. We load up the Quad City style house crumbled king sausage taco seasoned. Sharp cheddar, house cheese, onions baked topped off with fresh cut lettuce and tomatoes. Then finished with Doritos taco flavor chips on top. Served with taco sauce on request. Its the real deal!

QC Taco Tuesday starts January 18 2022. This offer is subject to change.