The Ellsworth Barnburner Buffalo Chicken Pizza

On our signature QC Style Crust covered with our house-made garlic buffalo sauce, we add seasoned chicken breast, marinated onions, house mozzarella cheese, and Ellsworth Hot Buffalo Cheese Curds. Ellsworth Cheese comes direct from the Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin. Ellsworth Hot Buffalo Cheese Curds paired with our house-made Buffalo Garlic Sauce will bring a bead of sweat to your brow! A touch of buffalo spice in the Ellsworth Cheese Curds creates a taste that’s both hot and creamy. *Ellsworth Dairy Cooperative, located in the Heart of Wisconsin’s Dairyland in the town of Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Known as the Cheese Curd Capital. consumers who demand high-quality natural foods love their world-famous cheddar cheese curds and entire line of specialty artisan cheeses.