What is Quad City Style Pizza?

QC Pizza is Minnesota’s 1st and only Quad City Style Pizza Joint!

Quad City Pizza is a unique style of pizza that originates from The Quad Cities made up of five cities (not four) nestled directly on the Iowa-Illinois border across the Mississippi River: Davenport and Bettendorf in Southeastern Iowa, plus Rock Island, Moline and East Moline in Northwestern Illinois.

The addition of malt to our crust adds a unique toasted nutty flavor. The pizza is hand tossed and is cut into strips. Strip cuts are the traditional serving presentation of QC Style Pizza dating back to the late 50’s early 60’s.

Quad City Style sauce is savory with just a hint of spicy. QC Pizza’s smooth homemade tomato sauce covers the entire pizza. All of the toppings are under the fresh ground house cheese.

QC Style Ground sausage is premium lean, specially seasoned, slow cooked then ground fennel Italian Sausage. The ground style ensures the pizza is covered with delicious QC Style sausage in every bite.